Hi, I'm Alex Freese.

I'm not your average personal trainer.

As a kid, I was considered overweight and everyone made sure I knew it. So I did what many people do, and I used the name-calling and my poor self esteem as motivation for losing weight and getting in shape. I did a really good job, too. I kept finding new ways to move my body, build strength and crush fitness goals. But at every turn, I always felt like I was missing something. It wasn't until I sustained a series of injuries that I realized my motivation was misplaced. I needed to go to the source of my self worth and build a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. 

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Kinesiology; the study of human body movement, where I interned under the nation's best Division 1 strength and conditioning program helping athletes increase their skill and gain a competitive edge over the competition.  After college, I began a career as a Firefighter and EMT because I have always wanted to be a super hero.  I have over a decade of experience as a certified Personal Trainer with the American Council of Exercise aiding the general population from 10 to 99 years old reach their fitness goals.  I love the skill of boxing and often teach my clients the sweet science, I am a USA Boxing coach and ex-competitor with over 10 years of experience throwing hands.  My goal in life is simple: to help those around me.  My passion is training and helping YOU get to where you want to go.

I want to help you realize your personal potential regardless of your level of experience or body type. Together, we will build a healthy mind and body through what I call: Mindful Movement. Ready to take the first step?



My clients are typically open-minded, motivated individuals. But, even so, no two personal training sessions are ever the same. After collecting data about your personal past, present and your hopes for the future, I build a holistic plan that will help you reach your goals in a way that works for your body, mind and spirit. One of our sessions might consist of body movement, physical therapy and boxing while the next may consist of yoga, foam rolling a deep massage. As we work together, your goals may shift. I'm here to help you process this exciting evolution.

the studio

I believe where you work out is as important as how you work out. I dreamed of a tranquil space that was bright, clean and had every possible tool to better aid my clients on their physical journey.  Through much hard work and planning I fully trust I have created the perfect environment just for that.  I am now proud to welcome those clients who are ready to strive forward to my newly open home studio located in South Minneapolis.

In addition I have the privilege oftraining out of the world famous Uppercut in Northeast Minneapolis.