Alex Freese

Helping You on Your Road to Health

About Me

Having over 18 years working as a professional helping others on their road to true health using multiple different diverse holistic healing methods. I support my clients from a place of experience and expertise.

I am on a continuous journey of exploration, committed to learning and growing from all that life offers while finding tremendous joy, beauty and love in the face of adversity.

My intention is pure in supporting others move beyond pain to open up inviting freedom, love and joy into their lives.

I look forward to meeting and connecting.


“I think it’s rare to have the variety of skills Alex has all in one person. I feel like I get not only a personal trainer, but also a physical therapist, a yogi, a masseuse, a boxing coach, and all-around cheerleader.”


Expertise + Experience

  • Kinesiologist, Bachelor’s of Science, University of Minnesota
  • Heart Level High Functioning Energy Work certified
  • The Art of Muscle Testing for emotional balance certified
  • Ashiatsu massage trained
  • lead meditation teacher and educator
  • Muscle and substance testing certified
  • Arthritis and Falls Prevention lead teacher certified
  • Certified American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer
  • lead Tai Chi trainer certified
  • Free Motion Fitness Trainer Specialist Certified
  • certified USA Boxing Coach and Trainer
  • Student of Wim Hof breath practice
  • 12 year veteran Emergency Medical Technician and state of Minnesota Professional Firefighter
  • Charity founder and event producer


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