Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost?
Small Group Sessions start at $25 per person, or can be based on a workshop or special focus series. One On One Session packages are available at three levels. Get the best value when you purchase your sessions in bulk or on a monthly plan.

2. Where do we train?
I see most of my clients at my home studio in South Minneapolis. It’s a bright, clean, tranquil space with all of the equipment we’ll need to work together. I also work with clients, especially those interested in boxing, at the world-famous Uppercut Gym in Northeast Minneapolis.

3. How long are the sessions?
Your first session will be 90 minutes. We’ll start with a conversation, talk about your goals, do an in-depth assessment of how your body is functioning, and make movement plan for you before we do our first workout together. Subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes.

4. How do we measure progress?
We’ll start with a preliminary fitness audit and I will design an "AF Rx” movement plan outlining the steps to reach your fitness goals. Re-hab/pre-hab, strength and conditioning, diet and nutrition, concentrated mindfulness—your plan will be highly customized and include a homework guide to continue training on your own. If we’re working together over a period of time, we’ll make some longer-term goals and outline a quarterly plan to measure and assess progress.

5. What are your qualifications?
I have a degree in Kinesiology and have been a trainer for 14 years. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and have additional specialized training in a variety of areas.

6. Can I have a copy of my exercise program to continue at my home or commercial gym?
Yes! I create customized “AF Rx” sheets to outline your movement plan. These sheets will be uploaded to the “Member” section of my website, along with your goals, assessments, measurements, and other exercises. You will have access to these documents indefinitely.

7. How do I pay?
I accept payment by check, cash, or Venmo. You can pay at the time of session or I can set you up on a monthly auto-payment schedule.

8. Do you have gift certificates?
Yes! Contact me to get a certificate in any amount. It’s a great kick-start idea for your friends or family members!

9. What is Unite + Fight?
Unite + Fight is a annual charity boxing event I founded in 2013 featuring men and women fighters from local Fire, Police and EMS departments. Proceeds from the event benefit a civil servant colleague facing a medical challenge. Contact me if you’re interested in participating.

10. Media Inquiries and Special Events
I am an experienced presenter and make occasional appearances on television, podcasts, and other media. I can also create a special program or feature for your corporate or special event. Contact me and let’s chat about your ideas.

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