Ready to Move in a New Direction?

The simple act of moving your body begins a transformation, expanding your sense of what’s possible and revealing what you’re truly capable of. My job is to help you move in the direction that’s right for you.

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“Alex teaches you to work smarter, not harder. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t push you, but if you’ve reached a point of compromising your form or causing an injury, he’s quick to change direction if your body can’t handle something. Often times, he may approach the same part of the body from a different angle. His training method is slow and steady to produce long lasting results.”

Training with Alex Freese

One on One Sessions

I’ll create a Mindful Movement plan to help you reach your fitness goals in a way that works for you — body, mind, and spirit. Your personalized sessions will focus on what you want to accomplish, but also how you’re feeling that day. We’ll mix things up to keep it interesting, try a variety of approaches, and use different muscles.


Small Group Sessions

I offer a limited number of classes and workshops for small groups: friends, colleagues, teammates, etc. I also teach classes and train boxers at Uppercut Gym in Northeast Minneapolis. As with my one on one sessions, we’ll work together to develop a customized plan to meet your goals, incorporating everything from yoga and boxing to cardio and strength training.


“I appreciate Alex’s focus on helping me work towards a better functioning body and better movement. My goal is not to lose weight or change my physical appearance, but to become a healthier person—both physically and mentally. He clearly focuses on those same goals, which makes him a great fit for me. My physical appearance will likely change, but that will be an extra benefit of hard work driven by a more worthy and sustainable goal of developing and maintaining health.”

My Approach to Fitness and Health

Movement isn’t just good for us physically. We feel stronger, more confident, and more capable when our bodies our in motion. My work with clients is about creating new possibilities and a healthier life through movement.

I believe that personal training isn’t just for elite athletes or people with specific athletic or wellness goals. It’s for anyone who wants to feel great about their body and find out what it can do.

I don’t believe in promising overnight results or quick fixes. My approach is more of a slow-and-steady progression that helps you build on accomplishments, with a plan that evolves as your needs and abilities change.

So many of the messages we get about fitness and exercise focus on appearance. For me, it’s about making you comfortable and confident in your body — strong, healthy, free of pain, and happy.

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