Client Reviews

“I appreciate Alex‘s focus on supporting me towards a better functioning body along with my total health. My goal in hiring him was to become a healthier person both physically and mentally because he focuses on those same goals makes him a great fit for me.”

“Alex is clearly very knowledgeable and smart in his healing approach he really does a great job of explaining not only the “How” but the “why” of each technique, which is important to me. He is clearly skilled at customizing a session to his unique client and focusing on what will benefit me specifically in what I want to accomplish.”

“Alex’s methods have produced long lasting change. When I first came to work with Alex, I was going through a challenging time in my life, amidst a divorce and career change. I was in a place of confusion and feeling lost, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for in scheduling my first session. Curiosity initially pushed me into booking my first session. I found Alex’s kindness and healing touch to be exactly what I was needing. That was 4 years ago and our sessions continue to amaze me!”

“I appreciate that Alex really caters to the individual when in a session, we are all unique on this journey and he truly sees that.”

“Alex and I have been working together for more than four years. During that time I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Without a doubt his practices have produced a major influence in my ability to make positive long lasting change in my life. In addition to losing more than 30 pounds, I quit smoking and perhaps most importantly I’ve become acutely more aware of how my body, mind and spirit are all connected.”

“Alex always helps me with whatever I have going on in the moment and I always leave a session feeling better but what’s great is he helps me in developing practices that I’ve taken into all aspects of my life that have improved my overall lifestyle and well-being.”

“Alex truly is a great healer, he reads me well knowing when to slow things down and embrace the moment. His knowledge is deep in all aspects of healing.”

“The most important thing I’ve achieved since working with Alex is a shift in mindset to except where I’m at and continue moving forward. Alex help me navigate many issues and his healing has generally changed me for the better.”

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