Client Reviews

“Alex and I have been working together for more than two years. During that time I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Without a doubt, his training has been a major influence in my ability to make positive, long-lasting change in my life. In addition to losing more than 30 pounds, I quit smoking. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve become acutely more aware of how my body works and how movement is connected to my general well-being. Because of my body awareness, I now have better balance, posture, and coordination.”

“I have developed routines to take with me outside of the gym that have improved my overall lifestyle and well-being. I have learned how to target specific muscles in exercises to increase strength and improve my boxing skills.”

“Alex is clearly very knowledgeable and smart about how the body moves and is designed to perform at its best. He does a really great job of explaining not only the HOW, but the WHY behind exercises, form, and techniques. He's also clearly skilled at customizing a session to his unique client and focusing on what will benefit me specifically.”

“Alex is a great trainer. He reads me well and knows when to push me and when to address an injury I’m not taking care of. His knowledge of boxing is deep yet he also works at all aspects of physical fitness.”

“The most important thing I’ve achieved working with Alex is a shift in mindset: to start moving and to keep moving. I had a back injury and spinal surgery a number of years ago and after that, any time anything started to hurt, I’d just stop. I was always afraid of re-injury. Having chronic pain was my normal and having to manage it was a drag. I’ve learned that when I work through the uncomfortable bit, and strive to simply get stronger, I feel better. A lot better. And Alex helps navigate my particular issues, and encourages genuine ‘mindful movement.’”

“I appreciate that Alex really considers the individual when designing a workout plan. We are all unique on this journey. It helped me to keep motivated toward my goals and not comparing myself to others.”

“When I dislocated my shoulder in a winter accident, I thought the rest of my training year was in jeopardy. It was frustrating because I knew that recovering from a shoulder dislocation can be complicated and feared it would slow down the progress I had made so far in boxing. With Alex’s help, I was able to fully recover my shoulder’s strength and mobility. At the beginning, he slowed me down to make sure I wouldn’t aggravate the injury, while also making sure I stayed active and responsibly improved in other areas.”

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